Welcome to the Phased Array Antenna Research and Development Group (PAARD) webpage. PAARD's research specializes in active phased array antenna design and radar calibration. Our research group puts the emphasis on high performance antenna arrays for radar applications. Low-profile and low-cost active array antennas in brick and tile architectures using the latest technology in CMOS and GaN are under development for conventional and new radar architectures for multifunction radar systems. The PAARD is housed at the Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) and in the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering of The University of Oklahoma.


  • Conventional and hybrid array antenna architectures for active dual-polarized phased  array radars.

  • High-performance dual-polarized antenna elements.

  • Broadband antenna arrays.

  • Multiband & Reconfigurable arrays.

  • Artificial dielectric materials.

  • Smart beam-forming antenna arrays

  • 5G massive mimo active arrays

  • Millimiter (Ka- to W-band) antennas.

  • EM modeling and material characterization.

  • Radome design, modeling and testing.

  • NF active antenna array calibration.

  • Tile and brick Transmit and Receive (T/R) modules.

  • Low-cost and high-integration active antenna arrays.

  • Antenna measurements and radar calibration. Using both conventional and UAV based techniques.

  • Fully automated characterization of antenna arrays.


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Andrea Salazar  (Jan. 1, 2018)

I am very proud to introduce to Dr. Javier Alejandro Ortiz, a brand new Ph.D. in our antenna and radar community. His research is in  phased array antenna technology addressing a very important challenge for dual-polarized radars. Yesterday, Javier defended successfully his dissertation titled "The Impact of Edge Diffraction in Dual-Polarized Phased Array Antennas." Congratulations Dr. Ortiz, PAARD team will miss you. Good luck with your new job at Raytheon.


Posted on Saturday,  June 16. th , 2020  01:10 pm CDT

Congratulations to Tom Brachtenbach for great MS-ECE Thesis defense...Tom, PAARD team will miss you a lot ...!!! good luck in Amazon.


Posted on Saturday,  May 2nd, 2020  01:10 pm CDT

Congratulations to Horus team  (R. Palmer, C. Fulton, J. Salazar, M. Yeary, H. Sigmarsson, R. Kelly, M. Mcord, J. Diaz, J. Meyer, for new Journal  publications on the Microwave Journal  


Posted on Saturday,   April. 12th , 2020  02:21 pm CDT

Congratulations to Dr. Rodrigo Lebron Garcia for outstanding Ph.D. defense...you made me and the all PAARD team very proud! ... well done Rodrigo. CongratulationS for your new position at METAWAVE 


Posted on Saturday,   March. 21th , 2020  03:12 pm CDT

ARRC/GCoE graduate students Rodrigo Lebron Garcia, and Javier Ortiz have each received $5000 Gallogly College of Engineering Dissertation of Excellence Awards. The award recognizes Ph.D. students who have achieved outstanding research results while encouraging them to complete their dissertations with excellence.  Advised by Dr. Jorge Salazar, Rodrigo’s dissertation centers around techniques and instrumentation for active phased array calibration, and Javier’s dissertation involves the analytical modeling of the effects that diffraction have on phased array antennas with emphasis on the cross-polar patterns. Congratulations to all on this outstanding achievement!

Posted on Friday Feb 21, 2020 04:30 pm CST

Congratulations to Nafati, Nim, Zeeshan, Jorge, and PAARD team!

For the new Journal accepted for publications on the IEEE Access.  


Posted on Saturday,   Feb. 20th , 2020  08:51 pm CDT

PARRD Ph.D. students received  $5000 College of Engineering Award

Rodrigo Lebron and Javier Ortiz ARRC Ph.D. student candidates received  Gallogly College of Engineering Dissertation Excellence Award. The award is designed to reward Ph.D. students that have achieved outstanding research results and encourage them to complete their dissertations with excellence. Congratulations Rodrigo and Javier PAARD team are very proud of both of you!!!



Posted on Saturday,  Feb. 20th, 2020  1:21 pm CDT

Welcome to Alexis Oblitas and Jesus Roque to PAARD team, both ECE  undergraduate students.   


Posted on Saturday,  Jan. 31st, 2020  10:21 pm CDT

Congratulations Jorge, co-autors and PAARD team!

For the new Journal accepted for publications on the IEEE Access.  


Posted on Saturday,  Dec 21, 2019  01:10 pm CDT

Picture with  UPAO authorities. From left to right. Dr. Luis Bladimir Urrelo (ECS chair), Dr. Jorge Salazar, Dr. Angel Alanoca (Dean COE), Dr. Martin  Polo Cueva, Dr. Filiberto  Azavache (ECE Chair) and Dr. Marco Trujillo.

Posted on  Dec. 17 th, 2019  10:21 am CDT

Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 6.34.55 PM.png

Picture with speakers of the Microwave  Antennas and Sensors Workshop, Arequipa, 10-12 Dec. 2019. From left to rigth.  Dr. Miguel Holgado (UPM-Spain), ​Dr. Mark Clement (INICTEL-Peru), Daniel Segovia (Univ. Carlos III- Espana),  Dr. Jorge Salazar (OU-US), Alejandro Garcia (Univ. Carlos III- Espana), Dra. Patricia Castillo (IET Chair UCSP Perú), Dra. Ascensión Gallardo, (Univ. Carlos III - España), and Dr. Ebert San Román,  (IET UCSP-Perú)

Posted on  Dec. 13 th, 2019  4:32 pm CDT

Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 7.56.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 7.51.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 7.41.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 7.38.03 PM.png

Congratulations to Jorge and the rest of PAARD team for publishing two new peer review papers at the   2019 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology, October 15 – 18, 2019, Waltham, MA USA

Posted on Monday,  Dec. 11, 2018  11: 01 pm CDT

Congratulations to Javier, Jose and the rest of PAARD team for the two new peer review papers at the  2019 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology, October 15 – 18, 2019, Waltham, MA USA

Posted on Monday,  Dec. 11, 2018  11: 01 pm CDT

Picture with Phased Array Antenna Class 2019 during final project presentation. From left to right, Zeeshan, Syed, Mattew, Nim, Cesar, Jorge, Kyle, Heath, Jakob, Gokhan and Nafati.

Posted on  Dec. 5th, 2019  11:23 pm CDT

Dr. Félix A. Miranda is the Deputy Chief of the Communications and Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Ohio. His areas of expertise are antenna technology and microwave integrated circuits/devices for space and ground-based communications. Dr. Miranda is a former NASA Administrator’s Fellow, is the recipient of the 2007 NASA Exceptional Service Medal for outstanding technical and managerial leadership in antenna and microwave technologies for space communications, and have received three R&D100 awards for the development of novel antenna technologies

Dr. Felix Miranda  honors the ARRC and OU given a lecture at the Radar Distinguished Radar Lecture Seminar series at the Nov. 8 th, 2019. In this picture, Dr. Miranda with the ARRC Faculty members. Left to rigth, Dr. Yeary, Dr. Salazar, Dr. Miranda, Dr. Palmer, Dr. Mecalf, and Dr. Goodman.

Posted on Sunday,  Nov.08th , 2019  9:31 pm CDT

Congratulations Arturo and PAARD team!


For the new peer-review publications on the 2019 CAMA conference organized by the IEEE MTT/AP-s join chapter hosted at the Bali Indonesia. Oct. 23-25. 2019.


Posted on  Oct. 26, 2019  01:10 pm CDT

Picture with my research team.  From left to right.  Jesus, Joel, Kevin, Thom, Jorge, Robert, Rodrigo, Nim, Syed, Javier and Arturo. Posted on  July. 23 th, 2019  4:32 pm CDT

Enjoying summer time with Dr. Zoya Popovic and her research group at Boulder University. In this picture Zoya, Andrea (my daughter ) and myself.


JunPosted on Aug.07, 2019  11: 05 am CDT

Welcome Syed Shahan Jehangir!

Syed joined the PAARD team as a PhD student in Aug. 2019. He graduated with an MS degree in 2017 from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of prof. Mohammad S. Sharawi. His MS thesis research work involved designing printed compact high gain and high directional Multiple-input-Multiple Output (MIMO) antennas and miniaturized printed antenna arrays for wireless communication

Posted on Sept.08, 2019  01: 03 pm CDT

Congratulations Joel Love!

Congratulations to Joel Love  for his ECE MS defense on July. 24th, 2019. Joel joined the PAARD team at OU/ARRC on Jan. 2019. Joel's research was focused in anisotropic material characterization.  In this picture Joel and his master committee members, (from left to right) Dr. Bin Bin, Joel Love,  his Advisor Dr. Salazar , and Dr. Fulton.

Posted on  July. 29th, 2019  01: 23 pm CDT

So, on 2018 Christmas Eve I contacted Rodrigo M Lebrón (3ed from the right in last row) via LinkedIn who introduced me to Robert Palmer and Jorge Luis Salazar-Cerreno (on my left) and within few months together with Metawave Corporation team the first high-frequency novel scanner was built, tested, and successfully demonstrated using our 77GHz phase controllers and steerable active antennas. This is startups perseverance and leading professors commitment to mm-wave success. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jorge Luis Salazar-Cerreno and Shoaib Shafi for perfect collaboration and to our brilliant antenna team Safa Salman Taha Yekan Souren S. and RFIC team Raul Alidio Narek Rostomyan, Ph.D. and Lani Bui .. on to demonstrating the first 77GHz analog radar..." by Maha Acour CEO of Metawave Corporation

LinkedIn Post of Maha Acour CEO of Metawave Corporation.

METAWAVE press release

PAARD/ARRC/OU press release


Posted on Saturday,  July 21, 2019  02:30 pm CDT

Metawave  PAARD/ARRC join press releases

OU Radar Team Helping Develop Radar to Help Autonomous Vehicles.

"...In the heart of any beam-steering radio or radar is its automated phase and amplitude calibration system to precisely aim the main beam at specific angles while suppressing interference from side lobes in all operating conditions. At 77GHz where wavelengths are around 3.8mm such calibrations is extremely challenging.

PAARD and Metawave in the news!!!

OU Radar Team Helping Develop Radar to Help Autonomous Vehicles.

A University of Oklahoma Advanced Radar Research Center team (PAARD) is collaborating with Metawave, a California company, to develop a newly-designed radar that has the potential to serve as one of the most important sensors in the future of the automotive industry. The OU team assisted with the automation of the calibration system used to electronically steer antennas when making critical driving decisions quickly, safely and smoothly.

“Working with Metawave at these high-frequency bands has been a rewarding experience for our team and has benefitted our program, considering our leadership role in phased array radar calibration,” said Robert Palmer, executive director of the Advanced Radar Research Center. “This type of partnership is important, especially when delivering such cutting-edge technology platforms. Together, we are rethinking how a newly- designed radar can truly serve as one of the most important sensors in the future of the automotive industry,” said Palmer.

Metawave Corporation successfully demonstrated the world’s first automated 77 GHz electronically steerable antenna calibration system for realizing dependable and repeatable beamsteering. “This advanced steering will soon play a significant role for automakers wanting to achieve higher safety standards at low cost and power consumption,” said Metawave Chief Operating Officer and founder Maha Achour. “Metawave is delivering a new kind of automotive radar, one that balances complexity between digital and analog.”

The challenges of this project required an uncommon skill set and experience in active phased array antennas. Jorge Salazar, project team leader and professor in the Gallogly College of Engineering, assembled a diverse team of experts in radar design and calibration to enable the acceleration of this project. ARRC contributors for this project were Rodrigo Lebron, Zeeshan Qamar, Kevin Constien, Thomas Brachtenbach and Jonathan Christian.

“Working with antenna designs for very high frequencies is challenging, especially when the concept involves a radar designed to save lives by improving automobile safety,” said Salazar.

 A novel millimeter RF scanner was designed, implemented, validated, and tested on an accelerated path to full demonstration. The customized RF scanner enables testing and calibrating an active array in near-field and far-field operation modes.

click below to read the full article 

Posted on Saturday,  July 02, 2019  02:30 pm CDT

Congrats to Rodrigo!!!

Rodrigo Lebron, Ph.D candidate was selected as an Intern at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Rodrigo is working in a very important  calibration technique of the Airborne Phased Array Radar (APAR).


Posted on Saturday,  July 02, 2019  02:30 pm CDT

Congrats to Javier

Javier Ortiz, PhD  candidate was selected as an Intern at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL-NASA).  Javier is working under the supervision of Dr. Sanchez in an important NASA project related to multi-band remote sensing PAR technology


Posted on Saturday,  July 02, 2019  02:30 pm CDT

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 8.24.58 AM.png

Congrats Javier and co-authors...


For the new Journal at the IEEE Transaction in Antennas and Propagation (TAP) Journal. 


Posted on Saturday,  June 20, 2019  01:10 pm CDT

Congratulations Calibration PAARD team!


For developing a state-of the art 9-axis robotic RF scanner for mmWave applications and demonstrate a calibration of an autonomous mmWave radar front end.

Special thanks to Rodrigo, Zeeshan, John, Tom and Kevin for amazing team effort to make this development and calibration feasible in just 3 months . I would like also to thanks Maha and Shoiab ( from METAWAVE) for sponsoring this challenging project.

Posted on Saturday,  June 20, 2019  01:10 pm CDT

Congratulations Jose Diaz!


Jose Diaz Diaz received his MS degree in Electrical and Engineering at the schools of Electrical Engineering. Jose is a PhD Candidate and his is moving to a final stage for  his future doctorate degree at OU.

Congratulations Jose!!!

Posted on Saturday,  April. 10, 2019  03:40 pm CDT

Congratulations to Arturo Umeyama!!


Congratulations to Arturo a recent Ph.D. candidate at The University of Oklahoma. Arturo  defended successfully his general exam today (May. 1st, 2018).  Arturo and his committee members; Ghanbarnezhad Moghanloo, Robert Palmer,  Phill Chillson, Jorge Salazar (Chair) Arturo, Caleb Fulton and Boon Leng Cheong.  Arturo is an active member of  PAARD/ARRC research group under the supervision of Dr. Salazar working at the PAARD since Jan. 16, 2017. His research focus is on RF Metrology of dual-polarized PAR using UAV's. 

Posted on May. 1st, 2019  10:40 a.m CDT

Dr. Clemente visiting PAARD/ARRC


Dr. Clemente, Research Scientist of INICTEL-UNI visited PAARD/ARRC at The University Oklahoma. In the Picture Mark, Jorge and PAARD research team. 

Posted on Tuesday,  April. 27, 2019  01:02 pm CDT

Dr. Jorge Salazar, Received a Presidential Professorship Award


Dr. Jorge L. Salazar Cerreno, ARRC/ECE Professor at The University of Oklahoma has been awarded a William H. Barkow Presidential Professorship. Presidential Professors inspire their students, mentor their undergraduate and/or graduate students in the process of research and creative scholarly activity within their discipline, and exemplify to their students (both past and present) and to their colleagues (both at OU and within their disciplines nationwide) the ideals of a scholar through their endeavors in teaching; research and creative scholarly activity; and professional and university service and public outreach. Congratulations Jorge!

Posted on Tuesday,  April. 15, 2019  03:40 pm CDT

OU President James Gallogly, Jorge Salazar, and OU Provost Kyle Harper

Predicting Hope

By Jenna Smith

It was the worst rain in decades, delivering more than 10 times the rainfall than normal. The catastrophic rains wreaked havoc and took homes and lives in Jorge Salazar-Cerreno’s native country of Peru.

Salazar-Cerreno, an assistant professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and member of the Advanced Radar Research Center, was heartbroken by the devastation. All he could think about was his family and friends back home who were either homeless or grieving their loved ones. The unusually powerful, heavy rains driven by an El Niño flooded Peru along the Pacific coast, leaving more than 90 people dead and 700,000 homeless and wreaked havoc on the country’s infrastructure. The destruction was exacerbated by flash-floods and mudslides....click below to read the full article 


Posted on Thursday,  March. 28, 2019  11:40 am CDT

A novel mm-Wave RF Scanner

PAARD Test & Calibration team (Rodrigo,  Zeeshan, John, Chris, Thom and Kevin) have developed a state of the art  9-axis RF mmWave scanner for active array radar system. The fully automated mmWave RF scanner that enables the testing and characterization of antennas and active arrays in addition to electromagnetic tests of materials was developed at the ARRC. This unique instrument provides four modes of operation, a direct far-field (FF) antenna test, an indirect far-field test based on a near-field planar raster scan, an active array characterization and calibration, and electromagnetic material characterization. The design project started in Jan. 19, 2019 and system was validated in March 4th, 2019

Posted on Saturday,  March 23, 2019  11:20 am CDT

2018 ARRC Industry Day 

Posted on Saturday,  March 23, 2019  11:20 am CDT

Welcome to  Thom and Kevin as a new MS ECE students.  Both  joined to the Phased Array Antenna and Research and Development Group (PAARD) in Jan. 2019 to work in antenna EM modeling. 

Posted on Thursday,  Jan. 14, 2019  09:40 am CDT

A new concept for 5G Massive MIMO Base station system at Ka-band

Posted on  Friday,  Jan. 11, 2019  01:23 pm CDT

Welcome to  Joel Love and Nim Cooillo as a new PhD ECE students.  Both  joined to the Phased Array Antenna and Research and Development Group (PAARD) in Jan. 2019 to work in antenna EM modeling. 

Posted on Thursday,  Jan. 10, 2019  05:40 pm CDT

Congratulations to Rodrigo, Alessio, and the rest of PAARD team for publishing three new papers at AMTA and  CAMA  conferences in 2018.

Posted on Monday,  Dec. 11, 2018  11: 01 pm CDT

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 4.14.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 4.20.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 4.14.06 PM.png

Congratulations to Alex Stringer for his ECE MS thesis defense on Dec 05, 2018. Alex joined PAARD team at OU/ARRC on Feb. 2018. Since them he worked very hard to develop a  Novel Instrument and  Method for the Characterization of Anisotropic Materials. In the top Alex with his committee members. From left to right, Dr. Mark Yeary, Alex Stringer, Dr. Salazar, and Dr. Binbin Weng. In the left, a picture of the instrument developed and in the right with his Advisor.

Posted on Friday,  Dec. 7th, 2018  02: 04 pm CDT

Congratulations to Dr. Alessio Mancini  for his ECE PhD defense on Nov. 26th, 2018. Alessio joined the PAARD team at OU/ARRC on Aug 2016. Alessio research was focused in antennas and radomes design for weather radars.  Alessio published 3 Journal papers (2 in JTECH and 1 in IEEE APS transaction). Alessio also contributed in two patents with PAARD team.  In this picture Alessio and his doctoral committee members, (from left to right) Dr. Yang Hong, Dr. Sigmarsson, Dr. Zhang, Dr. Yu, Dr. Mancini,  and his Advisor Dr. Salazar

Posted on Friday,  Nov. 26th, 2018  01: 23 pm CDT

PAAARD team implemented a new capabilities to characterize and test isotropic materials in millimiter frequencies (up 100 GHz)

Posted on Monday,  Nov. 02, 2018  1: 42 pm CDT

Congratulations to Alessio Mancini for his new Journal at the IEEE Transaction in Antennas and Propagation. The paper title is "The Impact of a Wet S-Band Radome on a Dual-Polarized Phased-Array Radar System Performance"

Posted on Monday,  Oct. 12, 2018  12: 04 pm CDT

PAARD had the honor of having the visit of Dr. Hugo Hernandez Professor of the University of Campinas, Brasil. Dr Hernandez is the head of LEMAC (Applied and Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory), and has published 130+ papers in renowned journals, more than 220 international conference papers and 12 patents. He is Co-Editor of the books Localized Waves: Theory and Applications (Wiley and Sons, 2008) and Non-Diffracting Waves (Wiley-VCH, 2013). His research interests concentrate on a wide variety of wave electromagnetic phenomena and applications mainly in integrated photonics, biosensors, nanophotonics, optical fibers, metamaterials, plasmonics, and the design of antennas for a wide range of applications including RFID, IoT, radar and advanced wireless technologies. 

Posted on Monday,  Oct. 04, 2018  08: 30 am CDT

PAARD team congratulates Arturo Umeyama for  passing sucessfully qualification for a PhD Candidate

Congratulation to Alessio Mancini for the

Dissertation Excellence Award 2018 of the Gallogly College of Engineering of the University of Oklahoma. 

Posted on Monday,  Oct. 01, 2018 

08: 30 am CDT

Dr. Jorge Salazar with ECE students of the Universidad de Ingenieria (UNI) in Peru. 

Posted on Thursday,  July. 26, 2018  06:23 pm CDT

PAARD team with a former PAARD team member Robert Bains, now a graduate student in Yale University.

Posted on Thursday,  Jun. 26, 2018  03:03 pm CDT

The Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) at The University of Oklahoma developed an innovated technique for in-situ antenna characterization, and radar calibration using an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). A large multirotor platform was developed for long endurance (∼ 30 minutes), high position precision (< 2 cm), and high stability was integrated with high a precision 3-axis gimbal that holds an antenna array, pulse generator transmitter. The platform was designed to support measurements from 2 GHz to 10 GHz. For more information contact Dr. J. Salazar, Dr. C. Fulton and A. Umayama.  

Posted on Friday,  June. 15, 2018  12:21 pm CDT

Today is my fourth anniversary working at the Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) from the University of Oklahoma. I would like to express special gratitude to Dr. Robert Palmer for letting me become part of this great family and for his great leadership and mentorship. ARRC has always provided me with unconditional support, continuously challenging me,  and providing me with excellent mentors that allow me to grow as an individual and academic scholar. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the ARRC leadership, faculty, staff, and students. Without a doubt, ARRC is the best institution I have ever worked at.  Jorge Salazar

Posted on Saturday,  June. 09, 2018  08:21 pm CDT

Welcome to Ethan Coffey,  a new intern that joined to the Phased Array Antenna and Research and Development Group (PAARD) in June. 2018. Ethan Coffey is an undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma and he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He aims to earn his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering with a focus on computer engineering. He enjoys programming, robotics, circuit design, and tinkering with computers.  Posted on Saturday,  June. 09, 2018  05:45 pm CDT

Dr. Jorge Salazar was invited to give a Distinguished Technical Lecture at the NASA Communication and Intelligent System Division on May 24. 2018. In the picture Dr. Dawn Emerson , J. Salazar and Dr. Felix Miranda (Deputy Chief, Communications and Intelligent Systems Division LC at NASA Glenn Research Center. 

Posted on Thursday,  May. 24, 2018  2:30 pm CDT

Our PAARD team with the support of the ARRC Engineers and faculty members patented the novel concept of the RF Scanner. This system enables RF characterization and calibration of  active array antenna systems.

Posted on Thursday,  May. 17, 2018  09:34 pm CDT

Congratulations to Javier Ortiz a recent Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oklahoma. Javier defended successfully his general exam today (May. 1st, 2018).  Javier and his committee members; Alberto Marino, Hjalti Sigmarsoon, Javier Ortiz, Tian Yu, Jorge Salazar (Chair),  and Robert Palmer.  Javier is an active member of  PAARD/ARRC research group under the supervision of Dr. Salazar working at the PAARD since 2015. His research focus is on high performance dual polarized active AESAS's for multifunction radar systems.


Posted on Friday May. 2, 2018  01:35 pm CDT

Simon Duthoit defended successfully his master degree at ECE (May 1st, 2018).  Simon and his committee members; Djordje Mirkovic, Jorge Salazar (Chair), Caleb Fulton and Phillip Chilson.  Simon is an active member of  PAARD/ARRC research group under the supervision of Dr. Salazar working at the PAARD since 2015 in Antenna and Radar Characterization using a UAV platform. .... CONGRATULATIONS SIMON YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!!!

Posted on Friday, May 2th. 2018  01:42 pm CDT

Welcome to Zeeshan Qamar,  a new Fellow Postodoctoral that joined to the Phased Array Antenna and Research and Development Group (PAARD) in April 22. 2018. His research project is related to artificial dielectric material for high performance PAR systems

Posted on Sunday,  May. 1, 2018  03:04 pm CDT

Congratulations  to  Nafati Aboserwal (Research Associate) for having a new Journal paper accepted at the prestigious IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society (APS). Nafati is working in the PAARD/ARRC research group since 2014. His research focus is on high performance radiating elements for dual-polarized active array antennas.


Posted on Friday May. 5, 2018  07:12 am CDT

Congratulations  to Jose Diaz (PhD Candidate) for having a new Journal paper accepted at the prestigious IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society (APS). Jose is working in PAARD/ARRC research group under supervision of Dr. Salazar. His research focus is on novel antennas and architectures for dual-pol multiband and wideband phased array antennas


Posted on Friday May. 5, 2018  07:12 am CDT