Welcome to the Phased Array Antenna Research and Development Group (PAARD) webpage. PAARD's research specializes in active phased array antenna design and radar calibration. Our research group puts the emphasis on high performance antenna arrays for radar applications for microwave and mmWave. bands. Low-profile and low-cost active array antennas in brick and tile architectures using the latest technology in CMOS and GaN are under development for conventional and new radar architectures for multifunction radar systems. The PAARD is housed at the Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) and in the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering of The University of Oklahoma.


  • Conventional and hybrid array antenna architectures for active dual-polarized phased  array radars.

  • High-performance dual-polarized antenna elements.

  • Broadband antenna arrays.

  • Multiband & Reconfigurable arrays.

  • Artificial dielectric materials.

  • Smart beam-forming antenna arrays

  • 5G massive mimo active arrays

  • Millimiter (Ka- to W-band) antennas.

  • EM modeling and material characterization.

  • Radome design, modeling and testing.

  • NF active antenna array calibration.

  • Tile and brick Transmit and Receive (T/R) modules.

  • Low-cost and high-integration active antenna arrays.

  • Antenna measurements and radar calibration. Using both conventional and UAV based techniques.

  • Fully automated characterization of antenna arrays.


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Andrea Salazar  (Jan. 1, 2018)


PAARD Team in February 2022


Congratulations to Jorge Salazar for the 2 important awards at OU


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Welcome to new PAARD MS Grad. Students





















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Sergio Rodriguez

Alexis Oblitas

Mariel Avalos

Elizabeth Joyce

Felipe Moncada

Khuda Burdi

Congratulation sto Syed, and Nim for conferences Papers in 2022








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3 New PAR journals on the Bulletin of Atmospheric Science (BAMS)