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Important Resources for PAARD Team 

Session G:   Antenna Measurements and Calibration

  G1. Basics in Antenna Measurements

  G2. Agilent Antenna Measurements guidelines (by Agilent)

  G3. RCS measurements (by Prof. D. Jenn)

  G4. S-parameter and Mutual Coupling

  G5. Near-Field Measurements fundamentals

  G6. Far-Field measurements fundamentals

  G7. Array antenna calibration (Conventional Method)

  G8. Array antenna calibration (Mutual Coupling Method)

  G9. IEEE Standard for Antennas Test Procedures

Session H:   Recommended Books and Notes

H1. Phased Array Antennas Handbook (by Robert Mailloux)

H2. Antenna and Theory (by Constantine Balanis)

H3. Advanced Electromagnetic, (by Constantine Balanis)

H4. Microwave Engineering, (By David Pozar)

H5. Microstrip Antenna Handbook. 

H6. Phased Array Antenna Lectures, (by Jorge Salazar)

Session I:   Latex, Share Latex and Drawing Tools for                           Papers

I1. Latex is mandatory for PAARD members. Recommended Latex sources for compatibility (TextShop for MAC., TexShop for Windows (both are free versions) 

I2. Inkscape CAD tool is recommended for all PAARD members. Download Inskape (MAC, Windows, both are   free versions)  

Latex & Inskaoe
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Session J:   Templates for Papers, Poster, Presentations, Thesis/dissertations and Reports, etc.

J1. IEEE conference papers template (Latex version)

J2. IEEE Journal papers template ​ (Latex version)

J3. AMS Journal papers template​ (Latex version)

J4. OU Thesis and Dissertation template (Latex version)

J5. ARRC/OU/PAARD Poster template

       -  Tall pptx version

       -  Wide pptx version

J6. ARRC/OU/PAARD Presentation template (pptx version)

J7. PAARD reports (Latex version)

RIL resources

Session K:   Important RIL-ARRC information

  K1. ARRC Purchase form (Form Year 2018)

  K2. ARRC Shipping package form (Form for 2018)

  K3. ARRC Printing setup (RIL Printer setup)

  K4. RIL Manual (Manual updated)

  K5. RIL Chamber Rules  (Last version)

  K6. RIL FF Chamber  Calendar (RIL135)

  K7. RIL NF Chamber  Calendar (RIL136)

  K8. RIL FF Chamber Reservation (NF or FF Reservation links)

  K9. RIL Software available (Links)

K10. RIL Resources (Link for

K11. ARRC Change in Appointment Form

Session L:   Recommended Courses for Undegraduate, MS and Doctoral Students, Forms and                              Requirements

L1. Undergraduate recommended courses

L2. Recommended courses for 5 year program BS+MS in ECE

L3. Recommended courses for MS in ECE (2 year program)

L4. Recommended courses for PhD in ECE (5 year program)

L5. Advisory Conference Report (ACR) (Form link)

L6. Check List for competition of Doctoral degree (Link)

L7. Doctoral degree requirements (Link)

L8. Thesis/Dissertation Instruction Package (Link)

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