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Salazar-cerreno, Jorge L. (Norman, OK, US), Schmidt, Damon Andrew (Largo, FL, US),  Fulton, Caleb (Norman, OK, US)  Palmer, Robert D. (Norman, OK, US) , Garcia, Rodrigo Manuel Lebron (Norman, OK, US), Mancini, Alessio (Norman, OK, US) , Duthoit, Simon Thierry Pierre (Norman, OK, US), Mccord, Matthew Stephen (Norman, OK, US), Meier, John Brent (Norman, OK, US), Kelley, Redmond Clay (Norman, OK, US). Radio Frequency Scanner,  United States Patent Application 20180090837
Issue March, 2018
Jorge L. Salazar-Cerreno, Alessio Mancini and Boon Leng.  "Apparatus and Method for Wet Radome Characterization and Radar Calibration.",  " U.S. Provisional Patent 62488301, submitted April 21, 2017.

Invention Disclosures:

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