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High Performance Radiating Elements

High performance radiating elements with high cross-polarization isolation and small co-polar mismatch are required for wide and invariant scanned array patterns in dual-polarized weather radars. Our research group is focused on the development of radiating elements that satisfy such requirments.  Our current research projects involve:

  • S-band dual-polarized radiating element for fully digital active phased array radar (HORUS)

  • C-band dual-polarized radiating element for Polarimetric Atmospheric Image Radar system (PAIR)

  • X-band dual-polarized antenna for Universal Polarization of a Low-Profile Active array antenna (X-UPLPA)

  • Ka-band dual-polarized antenna and active array for satellite and communications systems. Multiband and reconfigurable shared apertures for active PAR systems

High Performance Radiating Elements


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